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Checking the Exercise Logs

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Checking the Exercise Logs

Each time you exercise with the BF-1, a new exercise log is automatically
generated, creating a record of important information about your exercise
session and your physical conditions. This information includes the date and
time of your session, the distance covered, the average pace of your walking/
jogging, the amount of calories you expended, and your maximum heart rate
(the highest recorded pulse during the session). The logs also provide two
different graphs: one showing the changes in your pace during the session, the
other showing changes in your heart rate during the same time.

Since your exercise logs are automatically stored to internal memory (up to 99
sessions), you can call up these logs and check your past exercise sessions.
This feature also lets you view cumulative data—for example, how much total
distance you walked or ran in a specific week, or how many calories you
expended during a specific month.

For more information on the exercise logs, see

page 29



The BF-1 has memory space for up to 99 exercise session logs. When you exceed this number, the
earliest ones will automatically be deleted to make room for the new logs. By using the included
software to transfer your data to computer, you can store all your exercise logs and not need to
worry about the 30-log limit.


From the Top Menu, select “Data.”


Select the desired category: Workouts, Days, Weeks or Months.

When selecting Workouts, you can view individual exercise session logs.
When selecting Days, you can view the cumulative data for a day if you’ve
exercised more than once on that day. When selecting Weeks or Months, you
can view the cumulative data for a week or month, respectively.


From the Workouts display, select the desired session. From the
other displays, select the desired time frame (day, week, month).