Preventing premature disc failure – Yamaha CRW4416SX User Manual

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Preventing Premature Disc Failure


Preventing Premature Disc Failure

The NUMBER ONE cause of premature disc failure with recordable
CDs is contamination of the recording surface before recording is
completed. To minimize disc failure, use the following disc-handling

Keep the disc tray and disc as clean and dust-free as humanly
possible during the record process. DO NOT touch the recording
surface, and do not expose the disc tray and disc to dust or dirt.

DO NOT BLOW ON THE DISC to remove dust or dirt. To
remove dust from the recording surface use a camera lens bulb.
Be sure to follow the instructions when using the cloth.

To remove stubborn dirt or grease from the recording surface
use only nonabrasive foam-tipped swabs (such as Chemtronics
Foamtips #120) with a small amount of pure, denatured alcohol.
To avoid scratching the recording surface BE SURE TO USE
ONLY LIGHT STROKES, beginning at the disc center, pulling
directly towards the disc’s outer edge.

Always record in a dust-free environment. If the disc must be
removed from CRW4416SX before recording is finished, store
the disc in a clean, dust-free environment.

If a disc tray accumulates dust, DO NOT USE IT FOR DISC
RECORDING. Always use a clean, dust-free tray for disc

If CRW4416SX is vibrated while recording, the recording may
fail. To avoid such failures observe the following practices:

Place CRW4416SX on a solid, stable surface, away from high-
traffic areas. The surface must allow CRW4416SX to operate
in a level, horizontal position.

Avoid touching or handling CRW4416SX when recording.


Once the disc has been finalized (and no more recording is possi-
ble), it can be handled with the same care that any CD should be