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When used with Type A cam-
eras, FP (Focal Plane) flash, or
high-speed sync, enables the
Speedlite 220EX to synchronize
with a shutter speed that is
faster than the camera maxi-
mum sync speed when the FP
flash indicator is lit. When a
sync speed faster than the cam-
era maximum sync speed is set,
the Speedlite 220EX is set to
the high-speed sync mode auto-
matically and

is displayed in

the viewfinder.

■ FP flash can be used in the P,

Tv, Av, M, and DEP modes.

■ FP flash is effective when you

want to use fill flash for an
outdoor portrait while blurring
the background with a large
aperture setting. It can also
be used to produce a catch-
light in the subject's eyes, or
to simply eliminate harsh
shadows. The result is most
pleasing when a fast (large
aperture) lens is used.

FP Flash

• Use of FP flash is not applicable for flash photography with fully-auto-

matic flash operations.

• Set the camera to Av or M mode when taking pictures with a large

aperture setting.

• FP flash is canceled automatically when the camera is set to the fully-

automatic flash operation, or when the power of the Speedlite 220EX is
turned off.

Taken with FP flash.

Taken with normal flash.

When using fill flash in the Av mode, it is recommended that the FP
flash be used so that there is no limitation in using a faster shutter
speed than the camera maximum sync speed.

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