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Thank you for purchasing Network Video Recorder VK-64 v2.0 (hereafter referred to as
VK-64”). VK-64 is a network video recording and monitoring system and consists of the
Storage Server and Viewer. Please read this manual prior to operation. This manual also
explains how to use the Network Video Recorder VK-16 v2.0 (hereafter referred to as
VK-16”), VK-Lite v2.0 (hereafter referred to as “VK-Lite”), and Viewer-Only use. See P. 18
for the difference between the VK-64 and VK-16. See P. 41 for the difference between VK-
64/VK-16 and VK-Lite. See P. 161 for the functions not available in the Viewer Only mode.

*VK-16 and VK-Lite have the same functionality as VK-64 outlined in this manual, unless explicitly

indicated otherwise.

Request to Customers


Canon owns the copyright of this manual. The unauthorized transfer of all or any part of the
contents of this Manual is forbidden.


The contents of this manual are subject to change without any notice.


All possible measures have been taken to ensure that the contents of this manual are
accurate. If you find any errors, omissions or other faults, please contact your vendor.


Irrespective of items (2) and (3) above, Canon cannot bear responsibility for any effects
resulting from operation.


When procedures that involve using the control panel are described in this manual, the
operations are described as shown in Windows Vista Basic.

Request to Customers (Indemnity)

Malfunction and failure of the software, or other factors may cause problems, such as recording
failure, recorded data corruption or loss. Canon shall have no liability whatsoever for any loss or
damages incurred by the user as a result of such problems.


Support Information

For various types of information relating to support, including updated product software (patch installer),
User’s Manual, operating environment, etc., please refer to Canon Web site.

Trademark Notice

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Windows is legally recognized as Microsoft Windows Operating System.
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All other company or product names used in this manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of
their respective holders.

Copyright Information

Videos, images or sounds recorded with your camera may not be utilized or published, without consent of
copyright holders, if any, except in such a way as permitted for personal use under the relevant copyright law.

Icons Used in this Manual

Important information that must be observed or actions that are
prohibited during an operation. These notes must be read to prevent
possible faults or errors during operation.


Supplementary information or a reference to an operation. Users are
recommeded to read these memos.


Storage Server includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation ( Apache software is protected by the copyright

law (Copyright(c) 2000-2003 Apache Software Foundation). For the license terms associated with this software, please refer to the file

APACHE_LICENSE in the LICENSE folder, in the installation directory.



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