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Messages List

Operation Messages and Error Messages

Error messages and operation messages displayed during normal recording and operation
of VK-64/VK-16 are shown below.

Video Windows Error Messages

Connecting to camera.

Could not connect to camera.

Getting camera control.

Can't get camera control.

Control will be lost in {count down}

Camera control lost.

No recorded video.

Can't connect to storage server.

Not set up to record.

Please wait···

The viewer is in the process of
connecting to the camera.

The viewer cannot connect to the
camera server and the live video
cannot be displayed.

The message is displayed before
starting camera control after sending a
camera control request.

Another user with higher user authority
has already been controlling the
camera when you sent a camera
control request.

If the camera is left uncontrolled for
30 seconds, this message is
displayed and a countdown starts. It
counts down starting from 10 to 0 by
1 second.

Time out occurred while the viewer is
controlling the camera or a camera
control request was sent from
another user with higher user
authority. This message will close in
three seconds.

No recorded video exists during the
time where the Playhead is
positioned now, when playing
recorded video.

It is unable to connect to the storage
server to play recorded video.

You attempted to play recorded video
with the camera set to “Do not

It may take time until the MPEG-4
live/recorded video is displayed. This
message will close in several



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