For macintosh users, Displaying driver guides (pdf files), Displaying a driver’s help system – Canon imageCLASS D550 User Manual

Page 112: Content of the e-manual about features that are, Unavailable on the macintosh

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Displaying Driver Guides (PDF Files)

Double-click the following PDF files from the [Manuals] folder
on the provided CD-ROM.

Printer Driver Guide

→ [GUIDE-UFR II-US.pdf ]

Scanner Driver Guide

→ [GUIDE-SCAN-US.pdf ]

Displaying a Driver’s Help System

You can use drivers’ help systems after you install each driver.

Printer Driver’s Help

From the below panels in the [Print] dialog, click [


• [Basic] panel
• [Advanced] panel

Content of the e-Manual about Features
that Are Unavailable on the Macintosh

Among the features explained in the e-Manual, the followings
are unavailable on the Macintosh.

Installing or uninstalling the e-Manual

Reference in the e- Manual

“Installing the e-Manual”
“Uninstalling the e-Manual”

Accessory software

• Presto! PageManager

Reference in the e- Manual

“User Software CD-ROM”

Some print features

• Operating in the print server environment
• Watermark printing
• PageComposer (Combining and printing multiple files)
• Changing the halftone
• Adjusting the gamma value
For information on the features that are available on the
Macintosh, see the Printer Driver’s help system.

Reference in the e- Manual


Some scan features

• Creating a “Searchable PDF”
For information on the features that are available on the
Macintosh, see the Scanner Driver Guide.

Reference in the e- Manual


In this manual, methods to operate in the Windows environment are explained as examples. To view how to use printer drivers or
utilities for Macintosh, see the following driver guides (PDF files) or driver help systems.




Print function

Installing the Printer Driver

• Starter Guide
• Printer Driver Guide


• Printer Driver Guide

Using each feature

• Printer Driver’s Help

Scan function

Installing the Scanner Driver

• Starter Guide
• Scanner Driver Guide

Scanning (Setting the MF Toolbox or ScanGear MF)

• Scanner Driver Guide

For Macintosh Users