Samsung RF28HFEDBSR-AA User Manual

Before installation & calling service

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Before installation & calling service


If you have further questions or your refrigerator has damaged accessory parts, contact us at 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864).

1. Leveling & Door Alignment

For details, refer to “Leveling the Refrig-

erator” in the User Manual.

• Insert a flat-blade screwdriver into a slot on

the control lever, turn it clockwise or counter-
clockwise to level the refrigerator.

Control Lever

Flat-blade screw driver(-)

When the refrigerator is empty, adjust

the Leveling Leg Control by turning it

clockwise or counterclockwise with a

flat head screwdriver until the Leveling

Legs contact to the floor.

This will allow better balance of the

Refrigerator when it is empty.


Door Alignment

Type A
• Open the freezer drawer to gain access to

the adjustable hinge pin. Next, adjust the
refrigerator door using the provided 0.16
inch allen wrench.

• Insert the provided snap rings.

(on some models)


Keep the snap rings out of reach of



Type B (RF32FMQ**, RF34**)
• Adjust the door height difference by inserting a

Snap Ring (1) as shown between the door and
the hinge.


Insert one snap ring only of the

correct thickness.

Keep the snap rings out of reach of



2. Automatic Ice Maker does not work

• Allow your refrigerator to operate

and cool down for 24 hours
(1 full day) before dispensing
large quantities of ice.





• To fill the ice bucket to maximum capacity,

dispense a few cubes 8 and 16 hours after

• If

ICE OFF or Ice Maker Off is lit, the ice

maker will not make ice.

• To activate the ice maker, press



Ice Maker Off button on the control panel

so it is no longer lit.

3. Slow Ice Production

• Check if the ice bucket is

completely inserted.

• Freezer temp may not be low

Set it to -2 °F (-19 °C) or lower.

4. Small ice cubes, ice cubes with

bubbles, or slow water dispensing

• If the water filter is clogged, the ice maker may

produce small ice cubes or ice cubes with

• Replace the water filter cartridge with a new one.

5. Water filter replacement

After installation or when replacing the water
filter, dispense at least 1 gallon (2~3 minutes) of
water to remove trapped air from the water line.
Otherwise, water may drip from the dispenser
after you dispense water.

6. Water is not cool enough

• The first glass of water may not be cold enough

because the stored water in the water tank has
not cooled completely.
Dispense several glasses of water until the
water is cool enough.

7. Water dispenser dripping

• If the water line is not inserted into the coupler

properly, air could penetrate into the water line
causing water to drip from the water dispenser.

CAUTION : Insert the water line into the
coupler completely and slide in the clip at the
end of the coupler.

Red Clip


Door Tube


1. The Water Line must be fully inserted to the

center of the transparent coupler (Type A)
or the Guide Lines (Type B) to prevent water
leakage from the dispenser.

2. Insert the Clip A from the install pack and

confirm that it holds the line firmly.

Center of Transparent coupler

The Guide Lines


clip A (1/4”) (6.35 mm)

clip A (1/4”) (6.35 mm)

Type A

Type B

8. Fridge or freezer Compartments are


• Allow your refrigerator to operate and cool

down for 24 hours (1 full day) to reach the
temperature you set.

• Also, when you put room temperature or warmer

food into your refrigerator, it may need an
additional 24 hours to reach the set temperature.

9. Moisture forms on outside/inside of


• Wipe off the condensation with a dry towel.

(This may occur during hot and humid weather.)

• If the condensation appears on the doors, turn

off the Energy Saving function.

• If you open the doors frequently or for too long,

it may cause moisture to form inside the fridge.

10. Noise Clicks, Pops, Cracks, Snaps

• You may hear these noises occasionally from

inside the refrigerator. This is normal. These
sounds occur when various items contract or
expand while temperatures inside the fridge are
changing, especially during defrosting. You may
also hear these noises when electronic devices,
including the ice maker, are operating.

11. Display

• Filter indicator : The filter Indicator turns red after

you use about 300 gallons of water (about 6
months of usage). Reset the indicator (it will be
Blue or off) after replacing the filter by holding the
filter reset button for 3 seconds.

• Ice off : Press the

“Ice Off” or “Ice Maker Off”

button to turn the ice making function off.

• Cooling Off (Show Room) mode : If the Display

shows the

“0F 0F” (or OFF) code, it means

that the Cooling Off function is activated and the
refrigerator is not cooling.
To cancel the Cooling Off mode, press the multiple
buttons on the display specified in the user’s manual.

12. Food stored in refrigerator is frozen

• If food with too much moisture is stored near

the cooling vents, it may get frozen. Be sure to
keep moist food away from the cooling vents.

13. Moving the Refrigerator

• When moving the refrigerator, pull or push it

straight forward or backward.
Do not wiggle it from side to side.


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