Samsung DV435GTGJRA-A1 User Manual

Clothes dryer, Technical information

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Technical Information


All safety information must be followed as provided in Service Manual of DV435*.


To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury or death; disconnect power to dryer
before servicing, unless testing requires power.

Code No. : DC68-02835E_EN

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE – “For Technicians only” This service data sheet is intended for
use by persons having electrical, electronic, and mechanical experience and knowledge at a level
generally considered acceptable in the appliance repair trade. Any attempt to repair a major
appliance may result in personal injury and property damage. The manufacturer or seller cannot
be responsible, nor assume any liability for injury or damage of any kind arising from the use of
this data sheet.

Due to possibility of personal injury or property damage, always contact an authorized

technician for servicing or repair of this unit.

Refer to Service Manual (DV435*) for detailed installation, operating, testing, troubleshooting,

and disassembly instructions.

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