Samsung HT-H4500-ZA User Manual

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HdMI deep Color

Lets you set the product to output video from
the HDMI OUT jack with Deep Color. Deep Color
provides more accurate color reproduction with
greater color depth.

progressive Mode

Lets you improve picture quality when viewing DVDs.


Speaker Settings

Lets you adjust the following speaker settings and
turn the test tone on and off so you can test the

Level: Lets you adjust the relative loudness of each

speaker from 6dB to -6dB. For example, if you like
deep bass, you can increase the loudness of the
subwoofer by 6db.

distance: Lets you adjust the relative distance of

each speaker from the listening position up to
30 feet. The farther the distance, the louder the
speaker will be.

Test Tone: Lets you run the Test Tone function so you

can test your adjustments. Setting Test Tone to On

turns the Test Tone on. Setting it to Off turns it off.

Speaker Selection

Lets you select which speakers you want active,
either the TV's speakers or the home theater's

Audio Return Channel

Lets you direct the sound from the TV to the
Home Theater speakers. Requires an HDMI
connection and an Audio Return Channel (ARC)

compatible TV.


If Audio Return Channel is set to on and you are

using an HDMI cable to connect the product to
the TV, digital optical input will not work.


If Audio Return Channel is set to Auto and

you are using an HDMI cable to connect the
product to the TV, ARC or digital optical input is
selected automatically.

digital Output

Lets you set the digital Output to match the

capabilities of the AV receiver you’ve connected to
the product. For more details, please refer to the
digital output selection table. (See page 36)

dynamic Range Control

Lets you apply dynamic range control to Dolby
Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby TrueHD audio.

Auto: Automatically controls the dynamic range

of Dolby TrueHD audio, based on information
in the Dolby TrueHD soundtrack. Also turns
dynamic range control off for Dolby Digital and
Dolby Digital Plus.

Off: Leaves the dynamic range uncompressed,

letting you hear the original sound.

On: Turns dynamic range control on for all three

Dolby formats. Quieter sounds are made louder
and the volume of loud sounds is reduced.

downmixing Mode

Lets you select the multi-channel downmix method
that is compatible with your stereo system. You can
choose to have the product downmix to Normal
or to Surround Compatible.

Audio Sync

When the product is attached to a digital TV, lets
you adjust the audio delay so that the audio syncs
with the video. You can set the delay between 0
and 300 milliseconds.


Wired Network Settings

For more information about this function see
page 16.

Network Test

Lets you test the Internet Protocol setup to see if
it is working correctly.

Network Status

Lets you check the current network and Internet

device Name

Lets you assign an identifying name to the
product. You use this name to identify the
product when you are connecting external
devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) to it.

Bd-Live Internet Connection

Lets you allow or prohibit an Internet connection
for the BD-Live service.