The final leak test – Nikon WP-N2 User Manual

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The Final Leak Test

The Final Leak Test

After inserting the camera and closing the case, perform a fi nal check for



Before use, be sure that the camera is functioning normally and that the case does not leak.
Failure to check for leaks before use could result in irreparable damage to the camera.

Immerse the case in water and check for leaks as
described in “The Preliminary Leak Test” (0 9).
After completing the test, open the case and
check that the desiccant is dry and that no water
has entered the case. If a leak is detected, imme-
diately dry the camera and case thoroughly and
check that the O-ring is intact and the case prop-
erly sealed. If the cause of the leak can not be
determined, take the case to a Nikon-authorized
service representative.