Precautions for use – Nikon GP-1-DSLR User Manual

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Do not drop: The product may malfunction if subjected to strong shocks or vibration.
Keep dry: This product is not waterproof, and may malfunction if immersed in or exposed to water.
Avoid sudden changes in temperature: Sudden changes in temperature, such as occur when entering or leaving a

heated building on a cold day, can cause condensation inside the device. To prevent condensation, place the
device in a carrying case or plastic bag before exposing it to sudden changes in temperature.

Keep away from strong magnetic fi elds: Do not use or store this device in the vicinity of equipment that generates

strong electromagnetic radiation or magnetic fi elds. Strong static charges or the magnetic fi elds produced by
equipment such as radio transmitters could aff ect the product’s internal circuitry.

A note on electronic devices: In extremely rare instances, a strong external static charge may cause the device to

stop functioning. Turn the camera off and disconnect and reconnect the GP-1. In the event of continued mal-
function, contact your retailer or Nikon-authorized service representative.

Precautions for Use

Precautions for Use

This product shall not be exported without authorization from the appropriate governmental authorities.