Taking close-up photographs, E –9 – Nikon SB-910 User Manual

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Taking Close-up Photographs

When the fl ash-to-subject distance is less than approx. 2 m (6.6 ft), tilting down the
fl ash head is recommended to ensure suffi cient illumination of the lower part of the
subject in close-up photography.

The bounce-down icon appears when the

flash head is tilted down.
With the built-in wide panel, the flash

from the SB-910 is diffused. This softens
shadows and prevents overexposure on
faces, etc.
When using a long lens, be careful that

the light from the flash is not obstructed
by the lens barrel.
Vignetting may occur in close-up flash

photography due to the illumination
pattern, lens in use, focal length setting,
etc. Therefore, make test shots if taking
an important picture.

Bounce-down icon