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Intellisync Lite

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The Date Range Tab

The setting in this tab determines the range of Date Book items that
will be included in a synchronization. Transfer Only Future Items is
the default Date Range setting.

Transfer All Scheduled Items: Includes all dated items.
Transfer only Future Items: Synchronizes future items.
Transfer Items within a Range of Days: Synchronizes a

specified number of days before and after “today.”

To specify a Date Range, select the radio button next to the option you
want. The Transfer items within range of Days option lets you set a
date range that is always relative to the current date.

Note: When you run a synchronization, items that were included in the
previous synchronization are synchronized whether or not they fall
within the currently specified date range. (Intellisync identifies these
items by looking at the history file for the previous synchronization.)
Note, however, that only those items that fall within the currently
specified date range are included in the update of the history file.

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