For your safety, Checking included items – Sony DPF-D1020 User Manual

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Checking included items

Make sure that the following items are included.

Digital photo frame (1)

Stand (1)


Attaching to the screw hole (page 11)

Remote control (1) (except for DPF-


Removing the protective sheet
(page 11)

AC adaptor (1)


Connecting to the AC power source
(page 13)

Operating Instructions (this manual) (1)
CD-ROM (Digital Photo Frame
Handbook) (1)
Warranty (1)
(In some regions, the warranty is not

The supplied CD-ROM contains the Digital Photo
Frame Handbook that explains operations and setups
of the digital photo frame in detail. To view the
handbook, insert the CD-ROM into the computer
and double-click the Handbook icon. (To display the
handbook, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. )

For your safety

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