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Calculator Settings


Infinity Softworks

Calculator Settings

The Preferences screen sets
preferences for the main and
input calculators. The
templates have their own
preferences, detailed in the
section on Using the

To access the calculator settings, go to the main calculator display and
choose “Preferences” from the powerOne button or “Options” menu.

Input Mode

Set the desired input mode by choosing a setting from the popup list.
There are three possible input modes:

Order of Op.: selects order of operations mode.

Chain: selects chain mode.

See the section on Input Mode under Performing Arithmetic for details
on each mode.

Decimal Setting

Set the displayed decimal places by choosing a setting from the pop-
up list. There are thirteen possible decimal place settings:

Float: shows all available decimal places.

0-11: shows that many decimal places.

In addition, the show function displays all available decimal places
until the next entry is made. This can be used to quickly see all
available decimal places when the decimal setting is not set to float.

Remember that the decimal setting is limited to the number of total
digits. A 15-digit number, for example, will not show decimal places.

In engineering display mode the decimal setting controls the number
of significant digits displayed rather than the number of decimal

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