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Using the Templates


Infinity Softworks

third, or evaluate, column contains "?" buttons next to variables that
can be calculated. To compute a value, tap the "?" button next to the
variable to be computed.

Some templates offer multiple methods of looking at the same
variable. In such cases, a box appears around the variable's label. For
example, in the Tip template (shown above), the tip can either be an
amount ("Tip$"), a percentage selected from a pop-up list ("Tip"), or a
manually entered percentage ("Tip%").

Entering Data

In the templates, values are entered using the number input screen,
date selector, or time selector, depending on the type of data requested.
The date and time selectors are standard to the operating system on
your device, used in applications such as the calendar and to do list.
The number input screen is native to the powerOne line of calculators.

Number Input Screen

The number input screen is used to enter numerical values in the

When a value is selected, that value appears in the input screen:

The keyed function buttons work similar to those in the main
calculator. All the functions available in the main calculator are




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