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About i.LINK

The DV IN jack on this recorder is an i.LINK-
compliant DV IN jack. This section describes the
i.LINK standard and its features.

What is i.LINK?

i.LINK is a digital serial interface for handling
digital video, digital audio and other data in two
directions between equipment having the i.LINK
jack, and for controlling other equipment.
i.LINK-compatible pieces of equipment can be
connected by a single i.LINK cable. Possible
applications are operations and data transactions
with various digital AV equipment. When two or
more i.LINK-compatible equipment are
connected to this recorder in a daisy chain,
operations and data transactions are possible with
not only the equipment that this recorder is
connected to but also with other devices via the
directly connected equipment.
Note, however, that the method of operation
sometimes varies according to the characteristics
and specifications of the equipment to be
connected, and that operations and data
transactions are sometimes not possible on some
connected equipment.


Normally, only one piece of equipment can be connected
to this recorder by the i.LINK cable (DV connecting
cable). When connecting this recorder to i.LINK-
compatible equipment having two or more i.LINK jacks
(DV jacks), see the instruction manual of the equipment
to be connected.

About the name “i.LINK”

i.LINK is a more familiar term for IEEE 1394 data
transport bus proposed by SONY, and is a
trademark approved by many corporations.
IEEE 1394 is an international standard
standardized by the Institute of Electrical and
Electronics Engineers.

i.LINK baud rate

i.LINK’s maximum baud rate varies according to
the equipment. Three maximum baud rates are

S100 (approx. 100 Mbps*)
S200 (approx. 200 Mbps)
S400 (approx. 400 Mbps)

The baud rate is listed under “Specifications” in
the instruction manual of each equipment. It is
also indicated near the i.LINK jack on some
The maximum baud rate of equipment on which it
is not indicated such as this unit is “S100.”
When units are connected to equipment having a
different maximum baud rate, the baud rate
sometimes differs from the indicated baud rate.

* What is Mbps?

Mbps stands for megabits per second, or the amount of
data that can be sent or received in one second. For
example, a baud rate of 100 Mbps means that 100
megabits of data can be sent in one second.

i.LINK functions on this recorder

For details on how to dub when this recorder is
connected to other video equipment having DV
jacks, see page 93.
The DV jack on this recorder can only input DVC-
SD signals. It cannot output signals. The DV jack
will not accept MICROMV signals from
equipment such as a MICROMV digital video
camera with an i.LINK jack.
For further precautions, see the notes on page 93.
For details on precautions when connecting this
recorder, also see the instruction manuals for the
equipment to be connected.

Required i.LINK cable

Use the Sony i.LINK 4-pin-to-4-pin cable (during
DV/D8 dubbing).

i.LINK and are trademarks.