Vcr recording, Before recording, Recording mode – Sony RDR-VX521 User Manual

Page 78: Recording a stereo/sap program

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VCR Recording

Before Recording

Before you start recording…

• This VCR records in VHS format, not S-VHS


• Check that the tape is longer than the recording

time (page 76).


• Timer recordings will start with or without the recorder

turned on. Once started, the recorder cannot be turned
off. The recorder automatically turns off after a
recording has finished.

• This recorder shares a single tuner for both the DVD

recorder and the VCR. You cannot record different
programs to a DVD and a VHS tape at the same time.

• This recorder has the copy guard function. Programs

that contain a Copy-Never copy guard signal cannot be
correctly recorded on the VCR.

To save a recording

To prevent accidental erasure, break off the safety
tab as illustrated. To record on the tape again,
cover the tab hole with adhesive tape.

Recording mode

“EP” (Extended Play) and “SP” (Standard Play) is
available for recording mode (tape speed). “EP”
provides recording time three times as long as
“SP.” However, “SP” produces better picture and
audio quality.

Maximum recording time


• Tapes recorded in EP (×3) mode by this VCR cannot be

played back on VHS video decks with SP mode only.

• Noise may appear in the image when tapes recorded in

EP (×3) mode by this VCR are played back on other
VHS video decks with EP mode.

Recording a stereo/SAP program

The recorder can receive and record stereo/SAP

Stereo programs

When a stereo program is received, the
“STEREO” indicator lights up in the front panel
display. If there is noise in the stereo program,
press AUDIO repeatedly until the “MONO”
indicator disappears from the TV screen. The
sound will be recorded in monaural but with less

SAP (Second Audio Program)

When a SAP is received, the “SAP” indicator
lights up in the front panel display. To record only
SAP sound, set “Tuner Audio” of “Audio” to
“SAP” in the “Setup” display (page 102).

Tape Length




2 hrs

6 hrs


2 hrs 40 mins

8 hrs


3 hrs

9 hrs

Safety tab