Giga pocket personal video recorder includes – Sony PCV-RS411 User Manual

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Giga Pocket Personal Video Recorder includes:

Giga Pocket — This application enables you to watch TV programs on your computer's display and record them onto
the hard disk drive as Video Capsules for later playback.

Timer Recording Manager — The Timer Recording Manager keeps track of all TV program recordings you have
scheduled. This program also enables you to modify timer recordings.

Timer Recording Wizard — The Wizard interface guides you through setting up a timer recording schedule. You can
program one-time recordings and set up daily or weekly recurring recording schedules.

Giga Pocket Explorer — The Giga Pocket Explorer program functions as your video file management system, and
stores recorded Video Capsules as well as modified Playlists. Giga Pocket Explorer contains export/import functions
for file format conversions.

Giga Pocket Server — The Giga Pocket Server enables multiple computers on a network to use certain Giga Pocket
software functions.

CLIÉ Converter — The CLIÉ Converter is a plug-in application that enables the conversion of Video Capsules into
gMovie format. You can change the format your Giga Pocket contents and transfer them onto a Memory Stick


media for viewing with your Sony CLIÉ Handheld.

Accessing the Giga Pocket Help

For more information about Giga Pocket Personal Video Recorder, follow these steps:


Click Start in the Windows


taskbar and select All Programs.


Select Giga Pocket, Help, and click Giga Pocket Help.

Giga Pocket Personal Video Recorder maintains information about the software and Video Capsules on your

computer's drive D, in a folder named D:\Giga Pocket V5. This folder and its contents are not designed for your direct
maintenance. Please do not move, modify or delete the Giga Pocket Folder or any of its contents. Any alteration to this
folder or its contents may cause your Giga Pocket software and Video Capsules to stop working properly.

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