Atlantic Technology IWTS-30 LCR User Manual

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The State of Our Art

The IWTS-30 LCR is our top-of-the-line in-wall theater speaker system, the best
we’ve ever made. Considering that Atlantic has been in the home theater speaker
business since 1989, that’s really saying something.
This system represents a combination of superlative audio performance, simple
installation, and innovative features that are unmatched by virtually any other
custom-installed system.


This THX-certified front-channel speaker forms the heart of a no-compromise
home theater system. It is a 3-way system with a long-excursion 8” woofer, two
high-power 3 ½” midranges and Atlantic’s exclusive 1” Low Resonance Tweeter
The midranges and tweeter are arrayed in a vertical M-T-M configuration, in a
separate sealed enclosure, isolated from the woofer. The entire M-T-M assembly
rotates 90º, so that the tweeter-midrange array can be kept in the preferred
vertical orientation for optimum dispersion, even if you choose to mount the 30
LCR horizontally.
The M-T-M assembly can also be tilted up to 8º towards the listening area, so
no matter where the 30 LCR is mounted—above, below, or far to the sides of the
screen—its sound can always be directed precisely at the listeners for pinpoint
sonic imaging and localization.
The 3½” midrange driver is a proprietary Atlantic design that uses an over-sized
1” voice coil for outstanding power handling with virtually perfect driver control
for ultra-low distortion. Our 1” LRT tweeter has a damped rear chamber/heatsink
that allows the tweeter to cross over a full octave lower than an ordinary tweeter,
thus delivering much wider dispersion and more even sound coverage.
These advanced mid- and high-frequency drivers, combined with the rotatable-
tiltable M-T-M assembly, allow the IWTS-30 LCR to deliver an unprecedented
level of effortless, accurate sound, almost independent of where the speaker is

Product Information Sheet

IWTS-30 LCR In-Wall HT System