Pioneer TAD-R1 User Manual

Tad reference one unpacking instructions

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Read before removing your speakers from their packaging.

TAD Reference One
Unpacking instructions

1. Cut the four straps from the packaging and remove the lid.

2. Using a screwdriver, remove the bolts and washers (4 in all) from the back

side of the packaging and open and remove the outer carton.

3. Remove the inner carton by peeling off the tape (3 pieces in total) from the back

corner and then opening the carton. Remove the tape that secures the accessory
kit in place and take out the kit before fully removing the inner carton.

Back side

Front side




Outer carton

Accessory kit

Caution: About installation

• This unit is sold with the understanding that it is to be installed by a properly trained and equipped specialist.

All matters concerning installation and mounting should be handled by specialists or by your local dealer.

• Pioneer waives all responsibility for damages to this unit as the result of improper installation, mounting,improper

use, remodeling/alteration, and natural disasters.

This speaker set is extremely heavy (150 kg, or 330 lb). Be sure to carry out unpacking
and installation with at least three people. Trying to handle too much weight can throw
you off balance, causing you to fall or otherwise incur bodily injury.