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Page 10: Connecting power, Connecting to a printer

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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual


Connecting Hardware

This chapter describes how to connect optional, peripheral devices to the SAM 935. The SAM 935 consists
of the spectrometer electronics, internal detector(s), and optionally, an external detector. Simply follow the
instructions below for connecting a printer or personal computer, and if purchased, the optional external

There are two tubes on each end of the SAM 935; the left tube (if you are holding the SAM 935 in normal
operating mode) holds the battery pack. The right tube holds the internal detector. The optional internal
neutron detector is installed along the front edge of the SAM 935.

The connection ports for the analog power cord and peripheral devices are located on the front left side of
the SAM 935 (when holding the unit in normal operating mode), next to the battery pack tube. Slide the
cover back to reveal the ports.

An RS-232 serial connector (DB9M), above the power port, is used to connect the SAM 935 to a printer or
to a host computer; see Sections 2.2 and 2.3 for more information.


Connecting Power

The SAM 935 operates off of an internal battery pack, which is located in the left tube (if you are holding
the unit in normal operating mode).

To guarantee good results, recharge the SAM 935’s battery pack when you first receive the unit from the
factory. Thereafter, the clock on the top panel display will be replaced with a

Battery Low message when

the battery pack needs to be recharged or replaced.


To recharge the battery pack, simply plug the factory-supplied battery charger in to the power port
on the front panel (holding the unit in normal operating mode). The power port is located below the
RS-232 port and next to the power on/off button.


Plug the other end into a standard wall outlet. It will take approximately 4 hours to recharge a com-
pletely empty battery pack. The batteries will recharge only if the SAM 935 is turned off during this


The SAM 935 can be operated continuously from the battery charger; however, it cannot simulta-
neously be powered on and recharge the internal battery pack.


The SAM 935's power switch is the push button next to the power port.


Connecting to a Printer

The SAM 935 may be connected to a printer for printing a variety of reports. If you purchased a preconfig-
ured printer from BNC, simply attach the printer to the serial port on the front panel of the SAM 935,
located above the power on/off switch, and it is ready for use.

If you are using another printer, follow the instructions in the rest of this section:

Always use the factory-supplied battery charger to ensure that the batteries are not damaged.