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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual


The SAM 935 Interface

This section explains the SAM 935 interface controls.

4.6.1 The Front Panel

The front panel of the SAM 935 has an LCD screen where instructions and data are displayed. At the top
of each screen is a mode name (e.g., “Utilities” or “SAM-935” in the example below). In some screens, a
description of the current step appears below the screen mode name (e.g., “Edit Isotopes” or “Auto

In the middle of the screen, just above the function key labels, is a message line, which displays important
information about the current state or mode. In some screens (such as Edit Isotopes), it simply provides

Below the screen are two rows of keys. The first row of keys, F1 through F4, control a variety of functions
throughout the software. The current function of each of these keys varies according to the screen that is
displayed: the function labels are displayed at the bottom of the screen directly above the corresponding
function key.

A row of arrow keys below the function keys are used to select items from lists in some screens and to
move a software cursor in others.

Finally, the U


key provides access to utility programs (see Section 6), and the E


key is used to

make selections and to indicate when certain tasks have been completed.

Screen mode


Message line

Function key


Function keys

Utilities key