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Page 31: Function keys, Scrolling through long menus, Editing instructions

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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual


4.6.2 Function Keys

The labels just above the function keys show what function each key will perform.

Some function keys perform a single defined function, such as R


, which always appears over F1

when available. R


is used to exit from the current screen when done. C


is used to abort from a

step, typically without saving any of the changes that might have been made.

Other function keys, such as E


, are toggles; the meaning of the button will change each time it is

pressed (E


becomes D


, for instance).

4.6.3 Scrolling Through Long Menus

Many of the screen modes allow (or require) you to select an
item from a list of alternatives, such as the list of isotopes
shown here. To scroll through this list, use the



keys to highlight an item, and the E


key to select it.

Some lists are too long to be displayed on one screen—sim-
ply keep scrolling with the down arrow key. When you scroll
down past the last item displayed, it will jump to the next
screen of the menu. Or use the


arrow keys to more

quickly turn to the previous or the next menu screen,

4.6.4 Editing Instructions

A few screen modes require a text description or a numerical value to be entered. Since the SAM 935 key-
board has only 10 keys, entering this information requires some care. However, all data in the SAM 935 is
battery-backed-up so most information of this type will have to be edited only once during the life of the

When new entries are created, the SAM 935 may automatically enter a default value, such as “Name”. You
will want to delete this entry before entering your data.