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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual


SAM 935 Modes of Operation

The SAM 935 default operation is the Surveillance mode, also called dose rate monitoring. Dose rate mon-
itoring is the focus of this manual. In addition, options in the Utilities menu allow you to operate the SAM
935 in Monitor, Detail, or Manual modes. You toggle the modes of operation from the Utilities menu:


Monitor Setup: Select Display Modes:

Press F2 to enable or disable Monitor mode, also called peak-to-background monitoring.

Press F3 to enable or disable Detail mode.

Press F4 to enable or disable the Surveillance mode of operation; this mode is enabled by default.

A Manual mode of operation is also available as a separate selection in the Utilities menu. This mode of
operation is described in Section 5.4.


The Surveillance Mode of Operation

The majority of SAM 935 operations begin from the main Surveillance monitoring screen shown below:

The default setup for the SAM 935: only the
Surveillance operating mode is enabled.

This example shows all operating modes enabled.

Date and time display will change to Battery Low
message when the battery pack needs to be
recharged or replaced.