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Page 45: Set the sample time

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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual



Area Monitor Setup

The Area Monitor Setup menu contains several options for configuring the SAM 935 in Monitor Mode.
You can select which isotopes to monitor, how long to take samples of these isotopes, and the conditions
under which alarms will be triggered.

The Area Monitor Setup menu takes up several screens; the arrow keys will scroll through the setup

6.1.1 Set the Sample Time

The SAM 935 operates by taking short spectra and analyzing them in real time. The period of time each
spectrum is acquired is the sample time. If quick response is required, then a short sample time should be
selected. This is particularly important in cases where the radioactivity may be moving.

For dose rate monitoring, 3 to 5 seconds is typical. For isotope identification (Monitor mode), a sample time
of 1 or 2 seconds is usually adequate. The minimum sample time is 1 second.

Note the password configuration option here. You
can prevent unauthorized access to the Utilities
menu by setting up password-protection.

This menu option lets you choose between the
different operating modes of the SAM 935, as
described in Section 5.

Dose Rate Units and Dose Rate Trigger are dis-
cussed in Section 3.3.