5 calibrate dose rate, Calibrate dose rate – BNC SAM 935 Portable Gamma Spectroscopy System User Manual

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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual


To change the Off Hysteresis:



Set Off Hysteresis on the Monitor Setup menu:


Use the


arrow keys to increase or decrease the value. This value is the number of consec-

utive sample intervals that do NOT exceed the trigger which will determine when an alarm condi-
tion is triggered OFF.


Press E


when finished. C


will exit without changing the original value.

6.1.5 Calibrate Dose Rate

The dose rate calibration is a single-point calibration using Cs137 to provide a calibration factor for dose
rate monitoring.

If memory is reset, you must either perform the dose rate calibration or manually enter the calibration fac-
tor. Contact the supplier to get the dose rate calibration value to enter if you do not know it and cannot per-
form the dose rate calibration.



Calibrate Dose Rate from the Area Monitor Setup menu:

The next screen will display the current dose rate calibration value; this will be 1.00 if no dose rate
calibration has been done.

This calibration value is factory-set and does not need to be changed unless a memory
reset was performed.

Any time the detector is replaced (i.e., if the detector is not the one that shipped with the
SAM 935), you must perform the dose rate calibration procedure outlined below.