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Page 57: Show system information

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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual


• The maximum uncertainty value (default 1.0) will

require that a peak's counts be at least

N times higher

than the counting uncertainty before that peak will be
used in matching. This is useful for discarding
low-count rate peaks from noisy spectra. A value of 0
means that all peaks will be accepted. The factory-set
default value is 1.000.

• The energy match window parameters A and B define

a tolerance of +/-(A+Bx) in terms of the energy of the
measured peak. Any isotope lines falling inside this
window can be considered in the peak identification
process; any others will not be considered. The default
for window A is 8.000 keV; the default for window B is
0.0550 keV.

• After all other setup information has been edited, you may enter 3 fine calibration quadratic coeffi-

cients if needed. Each one will be presented in a separate display.


Select Spectrum Draw Style

The SAM 935 can display spectral data using points, lines, or filled (bar) mode. You can select how the
main body of the spectrum will be displayed and how ROI regions will be displayed. Experiment with vari-
ous combinations to find the display you like best.

6.10 Show System Information

The show system information screen displays the model, software version number, and serial number of
the device. This information is very important in the diagnosis of any problems that might occur with your
system. In addition, it will show you the current baud rate setting for your communication port.