BNC SAM 935 Portable Gamma Spectroscopy System User Manual

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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual


Press the A


(F3) button.


You will be prompted to place the Cs137 standard in front of the detector. Position the standard as
closely as possible to the right front corner of the SAM 935, where the internal detector resides:


After the SAM 935 has finished its coarse calibration, it will beep two times and give you the oppor-
tunity to take a background spectrum. Remove the Cs137 source from the vicinity of the detector
and press B


(F2) to begin taking the background reading:

If the SAM 935 detects that the background reading is unusable or non-existent, it will present this
screen that requires you to take a background reading:


The automatic background adjustment will take 1 minute (the factory setting). You will see the
spectrum resolve on screen as it is acquired:


The SAM 935 may recommend a fine calibration at this point, if the external detector was changed
or if the fine calibration has been corrupted (refer to Section 3.2.3). Normally, however, only the
coarse adjustment and background reading are required.


When the calibration adjustments are done, the dose rate monitoring screen will appear and you
can begin taking samples.

For more information on quick calibration, refer to Section 4.2.1.


you do not take a background reading, the SAM 935 will

enter its monitoring mode after a preset 15-second delay.

Press Wait (F3) to restart the 15-second countdown if you
need more time to remove the source.