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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual


1.2.3 Take Samples and Review Alarms

The monitoring display of the SAM 935 will look different depending on the operating mode of the instru-
ment. The default operating mode for the SAM 935 is Surveillance mode, also called dose rate monitoring.
In Surveillance mode, the SAM 935 continuously takes readings and analyzes isotopes in dose rate units,
saving and reporting any alarm conditions (when the dose rate exceeds the dose rate trigger).

The dose rate monitoring screen will look something like this (depending on how the SAM 935 was


Hold the SAM 935 in front of you so you can read the display.


Take readings by pointing the right front corner of the detector at the sample, as closely as possi-
ble. (The internal detector is installed on the right side of the SAM 935. If using the
factory-supplied, optional external detector, position the detector and sample in close proximity to
each other.) The SAM 935 will take continuous readings.


To manually save a reading or alarm, press C


(F3) to save the current display. The current

alarm, if any, will be terminated when you press C


. If the condition continues to alarm, a

new alarm will be created and you will again have the choice to capture it or not.


To review alarms, use the right and left arrow buttons. Use the right arrow button to review the
alarms in order they were taken (newest to oldest). Use the left arrow button to review alarms in
reverse order (oldest to newest).