Hydro-Logic StealthRO200 - Upgrade Kit User Manual

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Upgrade Kit for Stealth-RO100 to Stealth-RO200

This kit allows you to upgrade your Stealth-RO100 into a 200 gallon per day Reverse Osmosis unit.
Below is the complete kit:

1) Turn the unit so you are looking at the back side. Begin by removing the black automatic shut-
off valve (ASOV) from blue and black tubing on the right side of the membrane housing. The flow
restrictor with a "750" on it is connected to the "ASOV". You will need to remove the short piece
of black tubing and set aside until step #3. The "750" flow restrictor will not be of use anymore
and can be discarded. Keep the purified water tubing (blue) connected to ASOV. Also remove the
white tubing from the carbon filter and cut it in half. Use sharp scissors or a blade to make a clean
straight cut. Snap the 2 mounting clips onto membrane housing. Image below shows unit after
completing above procedures

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