Sportsliter Solutions SLS Remote Yoke Horizontal Optics User Manual

Remote yoke head horizontal optics

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Dangerous voltages exist within these fixtures and all precautions usually observed in

handling high voltage equipment should be observed when replacing lamps, installing or

otherwise servicing these fixtures.



To reduce fire and shock hazard: Disconnect power before servicing. Install and maintain

fixture to meet all applicable codes. Ensure that fixtures and wiring are properly

grounded. Read and follow all instructions, electrical data markers, lamp carton warnings

and wiring labels before installing. Installation of fixture is to be preformed by a qualified,

licensed electrician only. The installer of this fixture is responsible for safe, secure

mounting suitable for the application. Once fixture is installed, give these instructions to
the equipment owner.


High temperature tempered glass sometimes ruptures spontaneously.

Install to minimize hazard of falling diced glass.

Unpacking Instructions:
While unpacking, it is important to verify the location of all parts before
discarding any packaging materials.

Assembly Instructions:
1. Open lens assembly
2. Install lamp. Secure lamp with lamp end support wire form.
3. Close lens assembly.
4. Ensure the gasket is seated properly and snap the (4) latches over the

reflector flange.

Mounting Instructions (See Figure 1a)
1. Install the fixture by mounting the yoke to the appropriate auxiliary

mounting adapter (4090 or 4042C) with (2)



” bolts, washers and

nuts or (1)



” bolt, washer and nut supplied by others.

(Consult producr selections guide for available mounting adapters.)
2. Attach the fixture to your pole or other mounting device. Ensure that

once installed, the fixture’s cord exit hole and reflectors/lens hinge are

facing downward.

Wiring Instructions: (See Figures 1b & 2)
1. Loosen the (2) wiring cover screws

(M) and swing the cover away to

expose the wiring compartment.
2. Feed supply cord

(N) into the wiring compartment through the

wiring hole

(O) in the bottom of the socket housing

3. Feed supply cord through the appropriate rubber seal

(P) and through the

center hole in the retaining plate.
4. Install the retaining plate using (2) #10-24 screws

(R) provided. When

installed, the end of the cord’s outer jacket should not extend beyond



into the wiring compartment.
5. Tighten the (2) screws

(R) to retain the supply cord.

6. Connect supply power leads to socket leads in accordance with

local and NEC Codes.
7. Attach ground lead to green ground screw inside wiring compartment

and replace cover, ensuring that no wires are pinched inside housing.
8. Replace wiring cover and tighten screws


Target Aiming Instructions: (See Figures 2



1. Loosen (2) yoke bolts


2. Loosen repositioning stop bolt


3. Loosen the bolts holding the auxiliary mounting adapter to the pole or
mounting surface.
4. Loosen but do not remove (2) wiring compartment cover screws


5. Place keyhole slot in aiming holes located as shown in figure 3.
6. Be sure that the aiming sight bracket

(S) slides all the way down and is

firmly seated under BOTH screw heads and tighten screws


7. Look through the holes at the end of the aiming sight bracket

(S). Use

the hole above the “

M” for medium and narrow, “W”for wide

distribution reflectors.
8. Align the center of the hole with

TOP LEFT edge of the door

retaining latch


9. Aim the fixture by aligning the hole in the aiming bracket and the left
edge of the latch with the desired aiming location.
10. Once the fixture is aimed, tighten only the yoke bolt

(L) on the side

opposite the repositioning stop


11. Tighten the bolts holding the auxiliary mounting adapter to the pole or

mounting surface.
12. Rotate the repositioning stop

(K) until the tab resets firmly against the


(H) and tighten the repositioning stop bolt (J). Tighten the other

yoke bolt


13. Remove the aiming sight bracket

(S) and save the bracket for the owner.

14. Tighten the (2) cover screws


Due to our continued efforts to improve our products, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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