The toner does not fix onto the paper well, The printed paper has vertical streaks – Canon ImageCLASS MF4570DN User Manual

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The Toner Does Not Fix onto the Paper Well

Perform one of the following solutions according to the cause.

<Cause 1> Paper type setting is not specified properly.


Properly specify the paper type setting.

* If you are using coarse paper, select one of the followings.

• <Rough 1 (16 lb Bond-24 lb Bond)>
• <Rough 2 (24 lb Bond-32 lb Bond)>
• <Rough 3 (45 lb Cover-60 lb Cover)>

“Setting a Paper Size and Type” (P.2-14)

<Cause 2> Appropriate paper is not being used.


Replace the paper with which can be used with this printer.

“Paper Requirements” (P.2-6)

<Cause 3> Depending on the environment (in low temperature environments), toner may not be fixed sufficiently, and
output may be less clear.


Change the <Special Mode K> setting to <On> from the operation panel.

e-Manual Maintenance Special Mode

* Change of environment may improve the toner fixation, even without changing the setting.
* If you use this mode, printing speed becomes slow.

The Printed Paper Has Vertical Streaks

Perform one of the following solutions according to the cause.

<Cause 1> Depending on the paper type or the operating environment, vertical streaks may appear on the printed paper.

Solution 1

Replace the paper with new paper in an unopened package.

“Paper Requirements” (P.2-6)

Solution 2

When copying or printing received faxes
Change the <Special Mode Z> setting from the operation panel.
When printing from a computer
Change the [Special Print Adjustment] setting from the print driver.

e-Manual Maintenance Special Mode

The level of improvement according to the setting option is as following.

<Off> <Mode 1> <Mode 2> <Mode 3> <Mode 4>


* Change of paper type or environment may reduce the streaks, even without changing the setting.
* As you select an option that has higher effect, printing density becomes lower. Outlines of printed text or images

may be less clear, or images may be slightly jagged.

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