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• To view scriimbled channels through the

cable box, select the video input which the
cable box is connected to by pressing TV /

' If your VCR is not equipped with S VIDEO, use a

VIDEO cable (yellow) instead of fhe S VIDEO

** If you are cormecting a monaural VCR, connect

only the single audio output to the left (MONO)
input on the projection TV.

Connecting a satellite receiver


Connect the cable from the satellite

antenna to the satellite receiver.


Attach the coaxial cable from the incoming

cable connection or antenna to VHF/UHF
on the projection TV.


Using AUDIO and S VIDEO cables,

cormect AUDIO and S VIDEO OUT on the
satellite receiver to AUDIO and S VIDEO
IN on the projection TV (White-AUDIO
Left, Red-AUDIO Right).


• To view input from the satellite receiver,

select the video input which the satellite
receiver is connected to by pressing TV/
VIDEO on the remote control.

Disconnect all power sources before making any connections.

(Rear of projection TV)


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