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Adjusting Your SET UP (menus) (continued)

Using the Parental Control

The T\' programs and mox ies shown on TV
are gix en a rating signal based on the

folloxx'ing rating systems.
In U.S.A.: U.S. Telex ision Parental
Guidelines to rate telex ision programs (U.S.
TV ratings), and Motion Picture Association
of America (MPAA) Guidelines to rate mox ies
including those shown on TV (moxde ratings)
In Canada: Canadian English Language
ratings to rate television programs in English,
and Canadian French Language ratings to
rate those in French.
To block programs you feel are unsuitable for
your children, you need to set the TV for the
desired rating systems. Sony's predetermined
ratings are also available.
See pages 47 to 50 for a description of the
The Parental Control feature of the TV
functions by receiving the rating signal from
your local broadcasting station or cable
service provider.

| Activating the Parental Control

First, set a password, then select your desired

rating from Sony's predetermined ratings.



Select "Parental Cmitrol" from the Set Up

menu, (see page 38)

S e t U p


P»r«nial Control

C a u t i o n

S e l N e w


L a n a U a g
V i d e o C a

P a s s w o r d


D i r e c t P I
F l a s h F o

M o v e - ; - S e l e c t 4 E x i t


Enter a four digit password* using the 0-9


O S e l U p ___________________

‘ p»t«nl«l ConUDt

C a p i
L a n g u
V i d e o


M o v e - ; - S e l e c t s E m t

* Do not enter "4357" corresponding to "HELP"

on a phone number pad. (see page 47)


To confirm the password, re-enter the

same password with the 0-9 buttons.
Your password is stored and the Parental
Control menu automatically appears.
If you want to change the password, see
page 46.


O f f

P a r e n t a l C o


R a t i n g

C h 1 1

C h a n g e P a s s w o r d

Move-;- Selects Emt



Make sure that "Countrx " is highlighted,

and press v' •

M o v e - ; - S e l e c t a E » n


Mox-e the joystick up or down to select

your country (U.S. A. or Canada), and
press © .


Move the joystick up or down to select

"Parental Lock," and press © .


e n t a l

C o n t r o l

u n t r y :

U . S . A .

I P a r e n t a l L o c k : ! O n

R a t i n g :

c l 3 0 »

C h a n g e P a s s x v o r d

M o v e - ; - S e l e c t Q E x i t (


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