Sliding shelves (in some models), Pantry (in some models), Crisper humidity control (in some models) – LG LFC25765 User Manual

Page 19: In order to remove a shelf from a metal frame, To remove the crisper, To remove the glass, To remove the crisper cover support, Using your refrigerator

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Sliding Shelves (in some models)

You can slide some of the shelves in your refrigerator
towards inside or outside like explained below.

• To slide the shelf towards the outside: Pull towards you,

figure A.

• To slide the shelf towards the inside: Push until it stops,

figure B.

PANTRY (in some models)

For storage of meat or fresh food. Adjust the control to

desired temperature by moving from COLD to COLDER.

Pull forward to open. Lift slightly and pull it out to remove.


You can control the amount of humidity in the moisture-

sealed crispers. Adjust the control to any setting between


• "High”: keeps moist air in the crisper for best storage

of vegetables.

• "Low”: lets moist aire out of the crisper for best storage

of fruits.

In order to remove a shelf from a metal frame

• Pull the shelf until it stops.
• Incline the front of the shelf towards the top and pull


• Lift the shelf in the manner it moves across the

support openings.

To put back into place just reverse these steps.

Functional Shelves (Folding Shelves, in some models)

You can store tall articles like gallons or bottles just by

simply folding the shelf in half.

To remove the crisper:

• Slide crisper straight out to the stop.
• Lift the front of the crisper, then pull it out to remove
• Replace the crisper by sliding it back in fully past the

drawer stop.

CAUTION: Be careful when you handle the glass
cover because it could loose.

To remove the glass:

• Lift up the glass after inserting a screwdriver under the

crisper cover.

• Pull glass cover up and out.

To remove the crisper cover support:

NOTE: Remove glass before removing the crisper cover

• While holding the crisper cover support with both

hands (as shown in the image below). Pull forward and
slightly lift the front part.