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Taking Pictures by Flash

Even though the Canon EF can take pictures by

candlelight, there are certain situations which require

using an external light source. In dim light, when

you want to stop fast action or take crystal clear

snapshots full of vivid colors and fine details, you

need flash. If you want to avoid harsh shadows when

shooting in bright sunlight, flash can be used as fill-in

light. At night, a nearby subject can be illuminated

with flash. Since the Canon EF uses a vertically

moving metal focal plane shutter, synchronization

with electronic flash is possible at all speeds up to

and including 1/125 sec. With a flash hot shoe built

into the top of the pentaprism, the EF can easily

accept any direct mounting electronic flash unit,

including the specially-designed Canon Speedlite

133D. This flash unit (with the Flash-Auto Ring A


or B


attached to the front bayonet of the lens)

employs the Canon Auto Tuning (CAT) System to

determine the proper exposure in flash photography.

The focused distance of the lens and the charging

level of the 133D are sent as electrical signals to the

camera's Variable Aperture AE control, which then

adjusts the diaphragm automatically to produce

,Left: Canon FD 35mm f/2 S.S.C., B at f/16, ASA 400.

Right: Canon FD 100—200mm f/5.6 S.C., Double Exposure,