Easy flash photography (fortype-a cameras) – Canon Speedlite 420EX User Manual

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When the 420EX is mounted on a Type-

A camera such as the EOS 30/ELAN

7E, using E-TTL autoflash is just as

easy as normal autoexposure (AE).

E-TTL autoflash uses the camera's

multi-zone metering sensor for highly
precise flash exposure control. A
preflash is fired for evaluative flash

metering and the reading is used to
determine the main flash output. The

result is a flash picture with excellent

balance between the flash illumination
and ambient light.

Easy Flash Photography

(ForType-A Cameras)

* •

SI • This section uses the EOS 30/ELAN 7E as the sample Type-A camera.

• Before proceeding, first turn on the main switch on the camera and 420EX.

• Set the 420EX‘s wireless selector to <OFF>.
• For EOS 30/ELAN 7E operations, refer to the EOS 30/ELAN 7E instruction