Copy method, Digital copy, Auto dig/anig – Yamaha CDR-HD1500 User Manual

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Copy Method

Copy Speed

Setting of the copying method. Copying mtiy fail if the setting for
"'Copy Method’' is not correctly made.

Initial setting; Digital Copy

Digital Copy

This method always makes digital copies. Copying is not possible if
the tracks are copy protected by the SCMS standard (P.82).

Auto Dig/Anig

Digital and analog copying are automatically switched depending
on the track. If digital copying is prohibited by the SCMS standard
(P.82), an analog copy is made. For those tracks that can be
digitally copied, a digital copy is made.

Analog Copy

This method always makes analog copies.


* In analog copying, the data may be copied at a lower sound level.

* The setting is stored in the memory and applies to future copying.

Copy Level


of the sound level for copying. Sound level adjustment is

not normally necessary. However it is possible to adjust the copying
sound level to suit you needs.

Adjustmeiif is possible in the -l2dB to + l2dB range by 0.4dB

V.! 1.J




Setting of the copying speed.

Initial setting: Best Effort

Best Effort

Copying is made at the maximum speed possible depending on the
"Copy Method” and "Copy Level” settings.

• When '’Digital Copy” is selected:

Max. lOx speed (2x speed when copy level is adjusted)

• When '’Auto Dig/AnIg” is selected: 2x speed

• When "Analog Copy” is selected: 2x speed

2x Copy

Cirpyiug is always made at 2x speed.

1X Copy

Copying is always made at lx speed.


• If there are scratches or dust on the CD. the copy speed may drop

automatically even when "Best Effort" is selected.

• The setting is stored in the memory tind applies lo future copying.


Level adjustment is not possible during copying.

If the red pari on the peak level meter lights at the loudest sound
levels, stop copying to adjust the arpying level, and then resume

If the level is adjusled, copying is made at maximum 2x speed.