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Pausing playback (PAUSE)

o Press button 1 !►

“S--PAUSE” appears in the display.

Canceling pause

o Press button 2 !► ® while in

pause mode.

Playback is resumed.

Removing the CD from the unit

To remove the CD from the unit,

o keep the SOURCE button ®

pressed until the CD is ejected.

CD changer mode


You can connect a CD changer to the

Las Vegas CD32 unit. You can obtain

further information on available CD [

changers from your dealer.


• Information on handling CDs,

inserting CDs and operating the

CD changer can be found in the
operating instructions supplied with

your CD changer.

Switching to CD changer mode

o Keep pressing the SOURCE ®

button until the display shows, for

instance, “CDC

The first digit in this display represents
the CD number (in this case 1), and the

second digit represents the track num­
ber (in this case 1).

Playback begins with the first CD that

the CD changer detects.

Selecting CDs

To move up or down to another CD,

o press the A or y button ® once or

several times.

Selecting tracks

To move up or down to another track

on the current CD,

o press the > or < button 0 once or

several times.



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