Tape out jacks 1 — 4, Stereo out r and l jacks, Monitor out r and l jacks – Yamaha MT120S User Manual

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TAPE OUT Jacks 1 — 4

The four TAPE OUT jacks are direct outputs from the
corresponding tracks of the MT120S recorder. These

RCA pin type jacks make it possible to feed the output

from the four recorder tracks to an external mixing con­
sole. The TAPE OUT jacks can also be used to feed
each of the recorder’s tracks to external signal proces­

sors, the output of which .can then be returned to the

MT120S’s mixer inputs.


STEREO OUT R and L Jacks

These are the main outputs from the MT120S, deliver­

ing the stereo output signal from the MT120S mixer

section. The RCA pin-type STEREO OUT jacks can be
connected to a stereo sound system for monitoring and

listening. You can record a mixdown of your tape tracks

when these jacks are connected to the inputs of a stereo




These jacks output the same signal fed to the PHONES

jack (at line level). Control the level (volume) of the

output using the MONITOR/PHONES control. The MONI­

TOR OUT jacks can be connected to a stereo sound
system for monitoring and listening. They are RCA pin

type jacks.

® POWER Switch

Press the POWER switch once to turn power ON, a

second time to turn power OFF. When the power is ON,

the POWER LED above the LED peak meters on the

MT120S top panel will light. Make sure that the input

faders are set to “0” and the AUX RETURN level control

is set to “MIN” before turning power on.


When the power of the unit is turned on, a

initializing function will be activated so that for a

period of approximately 4 seconds it can not be
operated. During the initialisation process the PLAY
indicator will blink slowly.

® REMOTE CONTROL connector

When the optional Remote Controller RCM1 is connected, tape transport operations
(REC/PAUSE, PLAY, REW, FF, STOP) can be performed from a distance.

* The REC/PAUSE indicator does not change color in rehearsal mode like the one on the main unit.

To avoid confusion, observe the color of the indicator on the main unit.


These jacks allow you the flexibility of adding yet another stereo sound source to the mix. The

output of a second effects unit can be connected here, or output from another mixer. If you are
running a synthesizer off a sequencer that is taking MTC from track 4 on the tape, the SUB IN jacks

allow you to add the synthesizer output to the final mix, without sacrificing any tape tracks (see

page 21).