Step 2: monitor setup – Yamaha MT120S User Manual

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Once your source is connected to an input channei and that channei is assigned to one of the recorder’s tracks, you shouid

set up your monitor system so that you can iisten to the track as it is recorded.

The MT120S aiiows you to monitor the material being recorded either via a pair of headphones connected to the

PHONES jack or via a sound system with speakers connected to the MONITOR OUT jacks. The level appearing at the
PHONES jack and MONITOR OUT jacks is controlled by the MONITOR/PHONES control. The MONITOR SELECT switch

has three positions which allow you to listen to tape tracks only (MONITOR position), input sources (STEREO position), or

a combination (MIX position).

MONITOR: In this position only the output from the re­

corder’s four tracks is sent directly to the PHONES

jack and the MONITOR OUT jacks via the four

MONITOR controls. The MONITOR controls are used

to create the desired monitor “mix”. This setup is

ideal for general monitoring while recording because
it allows you to listen to the four tape tracks while
leaving input faders available to route signal sources

to tape. Material already recorded on any of the

recorder’s tracks is delivered to the PHONES jack

and MONITOR OUT jacks via the corresponding

MONITOR controls. In this case, an input source can

only be heard when it is assigned to a track via the
appropriate REO SELECT switch, and the TRANS­

PORT controls are in the RECORD or RECORD/

PAUSE mode.

STEREO: Oniy the stereo output from the mixer section is

sent to the PHONES jack and MONITOR OUT jacks.

This setting is most useful for mixdown of a completed

multitrack recording, since you want to hear the mix

produced by the mixer section’s input faders and any
effects applied using the AUX SEND and RETURN ^

controls while mixing.

[Note] Speakers should not be used for monitoring if

you will be recording via microphones, since the

monitor sound will leak into the microphone(s)

and spoil the recording.

MIX: Both the output from the recorder’s four tracks (via

the MONITOR controls) and the stereo output from
the mixer section are sent to the PHONES jack and



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