Yamaha MT120S User Manual

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The TAPE OUT Jacks can be used to feed the tape outputs to an external mixer or effects unit, or to feed an FSK sync signal to a MIDI

converter, to drive a MIDI sequencer.
In mixdown, individual tracks can be processed using a signal processor, which receives signals from the TAPE OUT jack, then the

processed signal can be returned either to a channel INPUT jack (see diagram 1), or to the STEREO SUB IN jacks.

If you are using a MIDI FSK sync signal on channel 4, in the final mixdown the FSK can be sent from TAPE OUT 4/S YNCtoa MIDI con verier

such as the YAMAHA YMC10. The YMC10 sends MIDI Time Code (MTC) to a MIDI sequencer, or sequencer/tone generator such as

the YAMAHA QY20. From here, the preprogrammed music can be fed back into the STEREO SUB IN jacks for the final mix. This way,
the output from the QY20 will be exactly In time with the rest of the tracks on the tape (see diagram 2).

The advantage of using a MIDI sync/sequencer setup, is that no matter how complex the synthesizer arrangement, it effectively only uses

one track on the tape (track 4), leaving the other tracks free for recording live instruments/vocals.

1. Processing Individual Tracks In Mixdown Using TAPE OUT Jacks

INPUT SELECT switch on channel

1 is set to MIC/LINE.

Using a Prerecorded FSK Signal on Track 4 to Drive a Sequencer Setup