Massaging, Rolling massage, Manual massage – Panasonic EP574 User Manual

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FirsI read and ramiliarize yourself with the safely precautions

Push the operation switch buttons and set the slide cover to

the manual "up" position

Push the massage selector button

■ Massage operation can be changed by pushing the

massage selector button progressively as follows

Upward massage
Downward massage

Rolling massage
Regional rolling massage

Kneading and rolling massage

Regional kneading and railing massage


© Select the upward massage or downward massage mode to begin massaging
©To adjust to the desired position, use the up or down buttons

NOTE Do not massage any one point for more than 5 minutes Do not stretch the back muscles for more

than approx 15 minutes at one time A continuous massage in the same area may result in soreness

Rolling massage

© Select the rolling massage mode

■ The massage heads move to the narrow position and start the rolling massage

© Use narrow or wide adjustment button to adjust the width of the massage heads

@ To raise the massage heads, push the up button To lower them, push the down button

■ When you wish to stretch only a certain part of your back, use the up button to raise the massage

heads or down button to lower them