Programming summary for the answering system, What the confirmation tone means – Panasonic KX-TCM943-B User Manual

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1^ Preparing the Answering System

Programming Summary for the Answering System

You can program the following functions by using the handset near the

base unit. See the page numbers below for details.

The TALK and DIGITAL SP-PHONE indicator iights must be off

before programming.

Lift the handset, then press fPROGRAM/2WAY REC).


• If an alarm tone sounds, move

towards the base unit, then try again.

To adjust the time and day, press (o].

(page 17)

To set the remote code, press (T).

(page 43)

To select the number of rings, press @.

(page 19)

To set the CPC function, press d).

{page 20)

To set the greeting monitor function, press [4)

(page 21)

To select the caller’s recording time, press [5].

(page 18)

To store the pager number, press

(page 39)

When finished, press [PROGRAM/2WAY REC].

•A confirmation tone sounds.*

•To cancel during programming, press fPROGRAM/2WAY R^. then start

from the beginning.

• If 6 beeps sound during programming, a wrong key was pressed. Enter

the correct number again.

*What the confirmation tone means

1 beep:

The new programmed number is stored.

2 beeps:

The number is the same as the previously stored one.

3 or 6 beeps: The number is not correct. Try again from the beginning.

r~if a power failure occurs, the mode will return to the factory preset. I

Reprogram if necessary.