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(Geomagnetic Correction )

Slight tilting of the picture may be noticeable or coloured patches may sometimes appear at the corners of the

screen (colour purity). The Geomagnetic Correction feature can be used to eliminate them, if necessary.


The Power should be off when determining the installation location and


At this time, please verify what direction the TV screen is to face (direction

indicated by the arrow).

Geomagnetic corrections can be made from the remote control or the TV set.

Press the “Main Power Switch”.

Press the “MENU” button.

Select the “Setup menu” by pressing the Channel
Up “A” or Down "V” button.




Select the “Setup menu” mode by pressing Volume

__ ___ Ot?№Lpl LMt;?

niVIIU n

U/ EZl CIÏ] Up “+" or Down button.



• --Exit

Press the Channel Up “A” or Down “v" button to

select Geomagnetic.

Setup MH;;

Favc? \ :<■ CH

Te>:t se'ec!





□ 0^ac3

Press the Volume Up “+” or Down button to

adjust the geomagnetic level, so that the colour

patches in the four corners of the screen do not

Adjust lilt




Press the “MENU" button 3 times.


Press the TV/AV button to exit the Geomagnetic

correction mode.

Normal Viewing

Helpful Hint

1. If Geomagnetic changes still cause colour patches on the screen even after the TV is installed, turn the power

off and turn on again after about 30 minutes.

2. Adjustment for geomagnetism should be performed every time the location of the TV is changed.
3. In some cases, colour patches will not be completely eliminated even after adjustment, particularly in ferro­

concrete buildings and other structures susceptible to geomagnetism. In these cases adjust by changing the

installation location.