Narrow hemming, Quilting – Kenmore 17922 User Manual

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Attach the Narrow Hemmer to the adjustable

holder. Make sure that ©dge of the fabric is

cut straight. Turn a tiny double hem (Vs inch)

along edge for about twb inches. Place end
of this hem under Narrow Hemmer. Hold
thread taut while stitchiiig along inside edge

of hem. Feed fabric gradually into "scroll" in
hemmer, guiding edge of fabric as shown.


Attach the quilting guide to presser foot as
shown. After completin

g the first row of

stitching, place the guiding prong on this

d row then can be
ance from first row.

stitched line. The secón

placed at the desired dist
Continue working in this way for as many
rows as you want.


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