Install lighting stick and grease draining tray, Install left side shelf and side burner frame – Kenmore 141.16322 User Manual

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Install Lighting Stick and Grease Draining Tray

Attach the Lighting Stick to the Left Bowl
Support Bracket using screw S132IVI04082.

From the back, slide the assembled Tray side

tabs (with Draining hole postion to the right)
over side rails underneath the Grill Bowl.

Install the Grease Receptacle under Grease

Draining Tray from the back of grill.

Lighting Stick

Qty. 1

Part # P05313023B





Qty. 1

Part # S132M04082

Grease Receptacle Grease Draining Tray

Install Left Side Shelf and Side Burner Frame

Insert the 3 screws S132G04122 half-way into

holes on upper rim Bowl Panel (See Figure 1




Align the


Side Shelf keyholes with the 3

screws (See Figure 3) and tighten the 3 screws
securely from the underside of Side Shelf.

Insert the 2 screws S132G04122 into threaded

Figure 1

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