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NOTE about LP Gas Tank Exchange Programs

• Many retailers that sell grills offer you the option of

replacing your empty LP Gas tank through an ex­
change service. Use only those reputable exchange

companies that inspect, precision fill, test and certify
their tanks. Exchange your tank only for an OPD safety

feature-equipped tank as described in the LP Gas
tank section of this manual.

• Always keep new and exchanged LP Gas tanks in

an upright position during use, transit or storage.

• Leak test new and exchanged LP Gas tanks BE­

connecting one to your grill.

How to Leak Test your LP Gas Tank

For your safety:

• All leak tests must be repeated each time your LP

Gas tank is exchanged or refilled.

• When checking for gas leaks do not smoke,

• Do not use an open flame to check for gas leaks.

• Your grill must be leak tested outdoors in a well-

ventilated area, away from ignition sources such as

gas fired or electrical appliances. During the leak test,
keep your grill away from open flames or sparks.

• Do not use household cleaning agents. Damage to

gas assembly components can result.

□ Use a clean paintbrush and a 50/50 mild soap and

water solution.

□ Brush soapy solution onto LP Gas tank in the

areas indicated by the arrows. See tank diagram.

□ If growing bubbles appear do not use or move the

LP Gas tank. Call an LP Gas Supplier or your Fire

To Install LP Gas Tank:
Secure a 20 ib LP Gas Tank to Gas Grill

Screw the Wing Bolt and Special Nut to Cart
Bottom Shelf.

Turn your LP Gas Tank Valve clockwise to the
closed or OFF positon.

Place LP Gas tank into tank hole on bottom shelf

or (on select models) slide the Tank Tray out of
the cabinet until it is fully extended. The Tank Tray
has an auto lock position and may need to be
pulled firmly.

Install the tank so the Tank Valve faces the right
corner of cabinet.

Secure Gas Tank with Special Nut and Wing Bolt.

Cart Bottom Shelf

With the Special Nut,

the Wing Bolt holds
the tank foot firmly.

If growing bubbles appear do not use or move

the LP Gas tank. Contact an LP Gas Supplier
or your fire department!

Speda! Nut 1/4"
Qty. 1
Ref. # S303G0404A
(Painted Black)

Wing Bolt 1/4"x5-1/8"
Qty. 1
Ref. # S233G0453A
(Painted Black)

NOTE: Many different size propane gas tank bottom

collars are available in the market, especially with the
popularity of tank exchange programs. If your tank
bottom col lar does not fit i nto the tan k hole after attaching
nut and secure the tank using the wing bolt only.


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