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Assembly Instructions

CAUTION: While it is possible for one person to
assemble this grill, obtain assistance from another

person when handling some of the larger, heavier

1. Open lid of shipping carton and remove top

sheet of cardboard. Lay cardboard sheet on floor
and use as a work surface to protect floor and grill

parts from scratches.

2. Remove packing materials from shipping carton.

3. You may slice the carton front corners with a

utility knife to lay open the carton front panel. This

will allow you to raise the grill head lid and remove
the components packed inside the head.

Note: Be sure to slide grease tray out of back of

grill head and remove all packaging from tray.

4. Use the parts list to check that all parts have

been included.

5. Inspect the grill for damage as you assemble it.

Do not assemble or operate the grill if it appears

damaged. If there are damaged or missing parts

when you unpack the shipping box, or you have

questions during the assembly process, call:

For Assembly Questions, call 1-800-913-8999

8AM - 5 PM PST, Monday through Friday.

Assembling Grill Cart

Figure 4

1. Attach four casters to bottom panel using (16) %



Phillips head screws, (16) 1/4” lock washers.

Note: A is Swivel with Brake Caster, B is swivel

caster, C & D are straight casters. (Fig.1)

2. Attach left & right side panel to bottom panel

using (6) 5/32 X 3/8” Phillips head screws with (6)

5/32” lock washers. (Fig.2)
3. Attach back panel to side panel & bottom panel

using (7) 5/32 x 3/8” Phillips head screws with (7)

5/32” lock washers. (Fig.3)

4. Remove (4) 5/32 x 3/8” Phillips head screws and

5/32” lock washers from door handles firstly, then
attach door handles to doors. (Fig.4)
5. Attach doors to side panels using (4) 5/32 x 3/8”

flat head screws. (Fig. 5)

Figure 5